New type of women: Casanovs in skirts

New type of women: Casanovs in skirts

They know exactly what and whom they want, and get it. The expectation of a prince on a white horse prefers sex – bright, rich, diverse, easily parted with partners if they stop arranging them. They are Casanovs in skirts.

A few years ago, an actress and TV presenter Vera Sotnikova She said about herself in an interview: “I am Casanova in a skirt”. In those days, women prevailed family values, and such a model of behavior seemed very unusual, shocking and male. But everything has changed.

Today’s tough realities often require male qualities from women. The boundaries between the sexes are erased, female and male role -playing models in relations are drawn closer. In addition, the contacts become more superficial, distant, the fear of openness, proximity and vulnerability is growing. Both women and men are afraid of strong feelings that are inevitable in close relationships. How the Casanovs differ from everyone else?

1.They skillfully seduce

Women-Kazanovs are very seductive. Sometimes they use active, “male” techniques, but it is rather a rarity: more often a woman seduces in a woman-subtle, elegant and imperceptibly. She will fool you with the aroma of spirits, rustle with skirts, cast languid glances.

You will not notice the catch and fall in love. You will take her for a woman who wants to marry, and for some time you will think that she is interested in you much more than really, needs and depends on you. You will take care of her, spend money on her. Perhaps you will start making plans for a joint future. But over time, she will show her true face.

2. They don’t want to get married. They only need sex

As a rule, women who have already fulfilled their “social minimum program” become Casanovs: they were married, they have children, and now they are free to live as they want. Such a woman does not need to live with you life and die on one day. She is only interested in your potency, sensuality, sexual fantasy, pleasure that you can give it.

“I only want sex now. A lot of. Good and diverse, ”says Julia, 39 years old. “Here sex is a wonderful contact. But relations are attached to sex, and this is a burden to me. How to get only sex without accompanying his relationship?”” – echoes her inna, 42 years old.

Very rarely “Casanovs in involuntarily” are young girls who have experienced strong disappointment in romantic love. Since this is just a mask, there is a hope to turn such a girl to a faithful spouse.

3. Freedom from obligations. If the marriage, then civilian

After some time, relations with a woman-prisoner, a man notes that the partner behaves somehow unusual, violating the usual stereotypes of female behavior. Does not try to establish a joint life, does not ask for gifts, does not call the man to work five times a day, does not feel much desire to walk around theaters and restaurants, deviates from dating with his friends and relatives. But always with enthusiasm, he responds to a sentence about sex – all relations will gradually come to him.

Recently, I come across many articles about a civil marriage in which a woman is represented quite one -sided. The authors expose her to the victim of a man who “uses” her. I categorically disagree with this. Many women consciously choose a civil marriage as the most comfortable partnership form for themselves. Of course, not all of them are Kazanov: the

majority in a civil marriage is building a serious relationship.

Most likely, a woman-Kazanov will avoid any hint of constancy, but if she agrees to marriage, then the maximum of a civilian: he guarantees safe sex, but exempts from other partnerships that are perceived by such a woman as excessive.

4.”Looked and abandoned”

Such a model of behavior has ceased to be the privilege of the strong half of humanity. A woman can calmly abandon a man who stopped satisfying her in sex, or replace him with a more suitable partner – just like men leave women due to sexual dissatisfaction or meeting with the one that excites them stronger.

What good women-Kazanovs are?

The men probably read and horrified. However, relations with such women promise many bonuses, because they are:

  • They do not expect anything from you, they do not have responsibility for you for your future;
  • Do not “appropriate” you, making jealousy and control;
  • Do not claim your personal territory: neither psychological nor physical;
  • do not create proximity in which there is almost always pain, nothing personal, only sex;
  • Experienced, sensual, good in sex, they have developed sexual fantasy, with them you can get enchanting sexual sensations and impressions;
  • They always protect themselves in sex, and therefore you;
  • Looks good, well -groomed, attractive.

So ask yourself the question: “And what relationship I myself need?”And answer it honestly. For those who need only sex, a woman-Kazanova is an ideal partner. Relations with her are extremely simple: only sex, good and diverse. Feast of sensuality, sensations. Maybe this is what you really need?

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